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The Mualiqaat and the Quraan

Antarah was a legendary person in Arabia, before the time of Islam. Mostly because of his unmatched courage in the battlefield as well as his aptitude as a brilliant poet.

Main Differences Between Sunni and Shia Muslims

What's the difference between a Sunni Muslim and Shiite Muslim? If you don't understand the reply then you should not feel guilt ridden - people in Congress, FBI officials, and counter-terrorism experts were enquired

Efficient Methods To Give up Smoking Easily And Quickly

A objective is the eternal situation for success. Each former smoker can inform you just how laborious it’s to stop smoking cigarettes. Nevertheless, there are a range of stop smoking commodities that can assist

Allah, Yamn al-Qayamah And Jannah: The Beginner’s Guide To Islam

Islam accounts for approximately 21 percent of the world’s religion with some 1.5 billion followers worldwide. The second most popular religion, Islam stems back to the seventh century and originates from the teachings of