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Tips on Writing a Book: Breaking Writer’s Block

Do you get stuck? Does your writing slow down at times? Does a mental block affect you occasionally preventing you from continuing your writing? If so then it’s time to put lots of energy

How to Write a Book Using a Road Map for Success

Everyday someone hops a train to start writing a book. Unfortunately as one person gets on the train to write a book there are several people who decide that it’s hopeless, they’ll never complete

Get a Cast of Characters to Help You Write A Book

Have you ever sat at your computer or with your writing pad and your mind is blank? The words just won’t come. You had a great plan to write a book but you are

How to Stay Motivated While Writing Your Great Book

Here is a list of some activities that can help you stay motivated while writing your great book. Create some of your own. 1. Surround yourself with enthusiastic people with a positive attitude. Phone