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Do You Share Your Expertise Enough?

Are you an expert in your field? Do you know your business inside out? Then you are an expert. One of the very effective ways to build relationships and build your business is to share your expertise. Creating articles, newsletters and information products are all ways to share your expertise with your current clients and customers but also with your prospects. When people experience your knowledge they begin to see you as an expert. You also foster your relationship with the prospect as they begin getting to know you better.

There are several approaches you can use to share your knowledge.

-Start a newsletter with articles in that you write
-Submit your articles with a resource box (info about you) to article directories on the internet
-Offer a free report or white paper on your website
-Offer an audio CD for a nominal shipping fee on your website or in your advertising
-Prepare Tips Sheets, ie. the top ten tips for
-Provide contacts with informational brochures or flyers or articles (the key word here being informational, not promotional)
-Write a book or books
-Write E-Books
-Offer information righ Tele-Seminars
And more

These types of approaches serve several additional functions:

Whenever someone requests information from you they become a qualified lead. They are more qualified than a prospect that you have met but hasn’t requested any additional information from you. When you are sending information they have an interest in what you have to say. You can then follow up with them to pursue the sale.

You can build your database of leads and prospects. When you build your database of leads you increasing the number of people that you can continue building a relationship with. Marketing is relationship building. Sharing your expertise is a strategy in marketing to further build relationships. When people feel you are an expert and they have an established relationship with you, the chance of doing business with them is increasing subsctantially.

There can also be benefits to your website. Submitting articles to other sites provides your website with back links. Having articles published on the web can improve your website ranking and increase your website traffic; giving you additional opportunities to build relationshps.

Several of these approaches can be fee based and generate additional income: e-books, tele-seminars, books, CD’s and informational brochures can all be offered for a fee or for free.

What type of information do you offer your clients and prospects? What could you offer? You have valuable information to share. Build your business relationships with valuable information.

Donna Price is a Business Success Coach working with small business owners and independent professionals. Request your copy of her free report: “The 8 Keys to Business Success”. http://www.bizology.biz/specialreport.html

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