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Information On Physical Therapy Charlotte NC

Physical therapists assist people with conditions that bring about impairments, disability or change their ability to physically function. The impairments and conditions could be due to injuries, diseases and accidents. Some of the roles of these therapists are evaluation, prognosis, diagnosis and examination of their patients. Besides, they intervene t ensure there is the highest functional outcome in each patient. In taking up physical therapy Charlotte NC residents ought to know every single detail about the treatment.

Physical therapists, PTs offer services that help in restoration of function, improvement of mobility, pain relief and prevention of permanent disabilities. In addition, they help in maintaining overall health and fitness. Their patients include among others victims of accidents and people with such disabling conditions as low back pain, heart disease, fractures, injuries to the head and cerebral palsy. Their services are provided within a disablement model that has aspects of impairment, disability and functional limitation.

The first thing that is done is examination of the medical history of the patients, which is followed by tests and measurement of certain aspects. Some of the aspects are posture, strength, performance of muscles, coordination and balance and motor function. That aside, they find out the capability of the patient to independently get back to a healthy state. After recovery, such patients should be able to perform their daily tasks independently.

When the examination is done, there is development of a plan of treatment. It is the treatment plan that describes strategies, their purpose and the anticipated outcome of treatment. There are also assistant PTs that are usually involved in implementing plans of treatment. Whatever instructions they execute are from the PT. That aside, they also perform routine tasks that involve support in the course of and after treatment.

The treatment includes exercises for those that are unable to move well and do not have flexibility, endurance or strength. Patients are encouraged to use their muscles for further enhancement of motion. After that, there are more advanced exercises to enhance balance, strength, endurance and coordination. The main aim is the improvement of how individuals function both at work and at home.

There is also the use of stimulation by electricity, hot packs, cold compresses or ultrasound for the relief of pain and to reduce swelling. Also used to relieve pain are traction and massage that involves deep tissues. The use of adaptive and assistive devices such as crutches, prostheses and wheelchairs is also taught. There are several other exercises that are useful and are done from home. Patients are taught these too.

As treatment continues, it is very important that the progress of patients gets documented periodically. Further, there should be once in a while examinations and modifications in treatment. Treatment is only modified whenever there is need. Documenting progress helps to track progress of patients as they recover and for identification of areas that may need to be attended to more. Areas that require less attention are also noted.

PTs work hand in hand with various other professionals. These include dentists, nurses, social workers, occupational therapists and physicians among others. PTs can treat all disabilities, while some specialize in fields such as pediatrics or sports medicine. Thus in going for physical therapy Charlotte NC residents should choose the best specialists.

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