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Project Management Professionals And Certifications

The acronym “PMP” stands for Project Management Professional and the certification that places interest in the expertise and a verified knowledge in managing projects.A professional with this certification is internationally recognized with immense respect and perception of being able to handle large management projects with high precision and an optimistic attitude.

The professional management Institute established PMP that displays professional management skills with a well-founded foundation in efficient management of projects. The eligibility criteria for PMP examinations require a base of knowledge related to different management projects.

The questions are a normally in an MCQ manner designed with the objective to access project management knowledge of the professional. The topics covered includes management of communication lines, cost and management accounting of projects, human resource management, effective project budgeting, integration, procurement, risk involved in the project, scope of the project, adherence to time lines and social responsibility for a project manager.

Who is eligible? An individual professional with little knowledge of the different aspects to be covered in the program, can apply and opt for PMP certification. If you are comfortable with your skills and knowledge linked to HR, risk management, management behavior, issues and scope, time management, etc., you have the opportunity to directly appear for PMP certification examination.If you lack some proficiency in any area you can take up training in Project management available online through the internet, classroom training and or self study materials with various customized training options.

Advantages of PMP certification: * PMP certified professional gives are capable of handling large and small management projects with expertise and knowledge in fields of HR, time management, social responsibilities, cost and budget involved in any project, Documentation, Integration, communication and information sharing, leadership approach, etc. * Every organization likes to employ professionals that are trained and certified by ISO certified establishment that improves their reputation and allows as a reference for competence and quality for their employees. * PMP certification is globally recognized and is well accepted in the business community. Professionals with PMP certification are highly paid.

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