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The Truth About Neck Pain And Alternative Medicine

At some point in their lives, approximately 75% of Americans have to find a way to deal with neck pain. Everyone who checks out the options will easily discover that alternative medicine is far more effective than physiotherapy or prescription medication. To be even more specific, neck vertebrae or cervical spine manipulation in the U. S. is virtually the exclusive domain of chiropractors.

The cervical spine, which begins at the skull’s base, is composed of seven small vertebrae. It’s an amazing system that takes up the full weight of a human head weighing 12 pounds on average. It’s nothing short of a miracle that enables this delicate mechanism to move the head in all directions.

Of course, misuse or abuse of any biomechanical device is a guaranteed invitation for trouble. The vertebrae can sustain damage or misalignment from extended strain, accidents, whiplash, slip and fall, or blows to the head. Malfunctions also occur due to aging, wear and tear, repetitive movements, etc. Even posture can pose a problem, because leaning the head forward just a couple of inches adds stress on the neck equivalent to the weight of 2-3 bowling balls.

Chiropractors do not read tea leaves to find out what is wrong with a patient. They use the same diagnostic methods as any good doctor, asking questions about symptoms to find out when and how the pain began. They will examine the patient to detect abnormalities or external signs. They may order an MRI or CAT scan, or even an EMG if there is a possibility of nerve damage.

The next step is a procedure called neck adjustment or cervical spine manipulation. Chiropractors are skilled at using their hands to manipulate the vertebrae into their original position. This is done incrementally over many sessions. The result is that the cervical spine is restored to normalcy in short order, and allows the patient to move the head normally without pain.

It needs a highly skilled chiropractor with a whole lot of experience to do it properly. No doubt the onus is on the patient to locate someone with a good reputation and the requisite amount of talent. Generally speaking, chiropractors have a good record with higher ratings for patient satisfaction as compared to any other category of provider.

Annals of Internal Medicine recently published a study group analysis in which 57% of patients under chiropractic care said they experienced a 75% reduction in pain levels after just 12 weeks. In the same period, only 33% of the prescription medication group reported the same relief levels. After a year, the chiropractic group reported lasting effects with the pain still down 75%.

The British Medical Journal similarly published a 52-week study group analysis of neck pain patients. They were randomly assigned and divided among GPs, physiotherapists and chiropractors. The results could not have been any clearer – the group under chiropractic care recovered much faster, and their expenses were only one-third of the amounts spent by patients in the other groups.

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