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Thirteen Time Handling Tips

If you have ever worked as a school instructor, you probably know how valuable time handling tips are. The bell rings every forty minutes and forces you to move on either you’re ready or not. In order for your students to learn what they need to learn inside the limited amount of time you have with them, then the limited amount of time has to be spent well.

Efficient teachers have good time management tips. These tips help them to coordinate their workload and handle students in the most effective way.
Just as in the classroom, time management tips may aid you live a more effective life so that your life doesn’t stall out due to improper use of time.

Thirteen Time Management Tips

1. Speculate through the task you are about to commit before you even start it.

2. Don’t take on too many tasks at the same time.

3. Finish one project before starting on a new one.

4. Always strive to accomplish everything you start.

5. Streamline your paperwork so that you don’t waste time on unrequired duplications.

6. Demand for aid. Consign tasks rather than doing everything yourself.

7. Set aside uninterrupted time to accomplish a project so that you may avert distractions.

8. Pay concentration to instructions and conversations so that you get the details right from the first time.

9. Before you run an errand, make sure the items you are going for are ready.

10. Arrange your appointments during the morning hours so that you become more systematized.

11. Maintain a clutter free home and workspace so that you don’t waste time looking for misplaced items.

12. Choose out your outfit for the next morning and have everything ready so that you don’t waste your time in the morning.

13. Always keep your gas tank at half full or more so that you don’t have to stop when it isn’t handy.

Time is valuable and we often take it for granted. We either have too much or too less. Time is something to be respected and used intelligently. Remember the old Twilight Zone episode about the banker who wanted additional time?
This banker loved to read but his wife wouldn’t let him. He had to hide in the bank vault in order to read his favorite books.

One day the earth was decimated and he was the only survivor. He stumbled a few miles until he came upon the New York Public Library. He was delighted because piles and piles of books survived and now he had all the time in the world to read them.

As he bent down to pick up a book, his bifocals fell onto the ground and he accidentally stepped on them. They were smashed. He screamed out into the emptiness, “All I wanted was time!”

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