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Time Management For Working Mothers

How often have you walked in the door and find stacks of paper floating around your desk? And when you go home, you still have trouble finding those important documents you need so desperately. How many times have you return home after a long day at work only to find yourself in arguments with your spouse? On top of that, the kids are ignoring you because you have not spent sufficient time with them?

If these are familiar scenes in your life – have you ever wondered why? Good time management could be the solution to your situation! Being a working mother is a big job and carries a lot of responsibilities. Hence when you neglect in planning your time, everything will turn topsy-turvy.

It is not an easy task to stay organized when we face busy work schedules, family obligations and loads of other responsibilities. Traditionally, many people would store files in a filing cabinet, and clean their rooms and desks once every week. However, there are many others who are of the spontaneous type. Some of us even store documents so that they are out of sight and soon find those documents are out of mind, until someone calls their attention to the papers.

Good time management is the key to successfully balancing your career with motherhood. Take for example, if you shop for groceries once a week, you can cut back time by buying enough to last longer, so that grocery shopping is not part of your weekly plan. The extra hour or more that you spend at the supermarket can now be spent on quality time with the family. This is just one of many solutions to managing your time, but it is certainly a start.

In addition, you can make up a list of your duties and have them prioritized so that you can work through the list by starting with the most important task. I found this to be a great solution for managing time because when you work hard to complete one task, the rest fall into place with ease. If you are spending an hour or more in front of a mirror, it is probably because you are not feeling good about yourself. It takes not more than fifteen minutes to put on make-up so to stand in front of the mirror longer than necessary is only taking up time.

Hair is definitely an important aspect of a person as it sets an impression. However, if you find yourself spending a longer than necessary time styling your hair each morning, then perhaps you should try another hairstyle that is less complicated. This would also contribute greatly to good time management solutions. Clothing should be limited but appropriate for whatever that you are doing and typically it should not take more than a couple of minutes to get dressed. Unless you are a model, or actress, overdressing is not advisable in most cases of everyday life situations. If you are spending extra time preparing meals, you might want to check out various quick and healthy menus which are readily available online.

Well, above are just some of the many time management tips which you can start to apply as a working mother. It is always good to start slow and fine tune along the way.

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